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Styles and Varieties

Pizza can now come in all shapes and sizes. No longer do they only have the commonly known toppings but now you have find pizza-like concoctions that are so varied that the only reason they are called a pizza is because of the principal of baking a topping laden round crust in and oven. You will now see as common place in such Pizza chains as Pizza Hut pizza crusts topped with apples or cherries, or your might find corn meal crusts topped with picante sauce and Mexican flavor toppings. Many of the gourmet pizza cookbooks will feature pizzas using spinach, feta cheese, and other stuff that we hated as kids. The most popular styles are broken down as such:

Traditional Crust Pizza

The crust is not too thick and not too thin. Usually it is created by rolling the dough into a round circle then topping it with sauce and cheese.

Deep Dish Pizza

A think crust and dense toppings usually characterize deep-dish pizza, also known as pan pizza. Baking time tends to take longer however one slice might make a meal for many people.

New York Style Pizza

Pizzas from neighborhood pizza parlors in New York tend to be much thinner than its Chicago cousin. Typically the thin crust allow for faster cooking but less dense toppings. The crust is also usually prepared by tossing it up in the air and twirling it.


This is basically a stuffed pizza crust. The uncooked crust is filled with traditional topping then folded and baked. An easy to manage snack, these have gained in popularity across the country in the last few years.

Bagel Pizza

Made much like the French bread pizza but with bagel slices instead.

Pizza Bread   

Also known as French bread pizza, it is perhaps one of the easiest to make. The French bread loaf is usually sliced down the center into two halved. The sauce, cheese and topping are then placed on the flat, sliced surface.

Frozen Pizza

Popular because of its ease to prepare, this is perfect for the person that hates to cook but want a cheap and inexpensive pizza. Open the box and put it in the oven. We are starting to see some of the big named brands turning out to be not all that bad.

Toppings are usually a matter of preference, but typically consist of a tomato based sauce and mozzarella cheese. In truth, there is no limit to how you can prepare your pizza and the topping you use.

Referensi  : aboutpizza
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