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Shrimps Tempura Roll – Torigami Sushi

JAPAN SPECIAL: Sushi Torigami Interior Affairs was built in shades of Sakura. This theme is in accordance with the concept of the food served here, which is Japanese cuisine.
WANT to eat anything today? What if try something else, such sushi.Torigami Sushi can be a choice that tepat.Tak only sushi, you can also enjoy the other dishes here.
It was already at 12.00, it was time for lunch. Make this special day with an unusual meal for lunch, but still filling. Just try sushi. If by chance a visit to Pondok Indah Mall 2, South Jakarta, you can enjoy a variety of sushi at Sushi Torigami located on the third floor. So come, look at the table of origami paper and an origami-like birds that have been formed. According to Operations Manager Torigami Sushi Indradi Basuki, origami paper provided in each table is reserved for visitors. During the wait for food orders came, visitors can kill time by idly folding paper into various shapes according to individual creativity.
The restaurant also has another reason put this origami paper. If the visitors managed to form the origami birds as an example that is on the table, then he is entitled to a dessert of ice cream for free. Not hard to make this bird. We just follow the instructions in the back of the menu. The restaurant opened last November it has the capacity to seat as many as 110 people. On the inside there is a proper VIP room for a variety of events and is more private. “Usually we encourage social gathering for the event held in the VIP room, so do not be disturbed,” said Indradi. Smooking special room is also provided here. Wi-Fi is now like the facilities must have, either in the cafe or restaurant that is intended to support the regular sihsudah pengunjung.Itu comfort.
What was unusual and probably the first time initiated by this restaurant, which is a netbook that can be used freely by pengunjung.Ya, this restaurant specifically provides six units of the netbook is placed in the inner table. Go ahead if you want to casually surf the internet while enjoying an order. Access is provided for free. “This is one of facilities to make guest feel at home,” added Indradi. Torigami Sushi is a semi-fine dining restaurant that can be spelled quite unik.Salah ocha only because of his presence. Japanese tea is provided as relieving thirst with various rasa.Ada black currants, strawberries, lychees, passion fruit, and peach.Meski Thus, cold drinks provided this did not affect the original flavor ocha.
Only, when the drink is distinctive aroma that comes as the fruit that was ordered. For lunch, there is a promo package that can dipilih.Di including shitake mushroom sushi roll or aliha with the content of avocados, salmon, crab meat, and creams cheese.Yang crispy shrimp roll with no gobo Kyuri and tempura. Lunch menu options is included ochadengan wide selection of flavors mentioned in the beginning. Rollyang Sushi can be enjoyed here include avocado with tobiko rollalias dibalur avocado with fish eggs terbang.Ada also Kani tamago roll with tobiko, crab meat that is still with flying fish eggs. Another option, available with edamame sweet sushi, soft shell crab with tobiko roll, unatama with tobiko roll, and Dynamite sushi roll. Seputar Indonesia (SI) had tried sushi deluxe set that consists of an octopus, tuna, eel, and tobiko roll.
There’s another sushi sets, such as california rolls, ie the contents of crab sushi rice and lettuce, cucumber, and sauce and cheese sauce mayones.Nasi sushiberisi salmon you can enjoy the crunchy salmon roll.Ada also caterpillar rolls, especially if it is not contained unagi, Kyuri, and mayonnaise in the sauce, avocado, and tobiko on the outside. Scorpion is the sushi rolls contain crab, cucumber, and eel. Meanwhile, Shrimps tempura roll contains shrimp, crab, and spicy chicken doused mentimun.Potongan mayonnaise sauce you can feel the spicy chicken rolls.Kalau want meat, just choose teriyaki beef rolls, which are doused roast beef sauce mayones.Oishii …! Donburi dishes are here too. As oyako don, this is chicken meat with sauce and egg.
Yokitori don also available, a grilled chicken cutlet with sauce spesial.Tak unatama don aka miss grilled eel eggs plus slices sprinkled grilled eel named una don. With so many menus, SI Gindara teriyaki.Bayangkan recommend salmon, salmon and sweet Gindara combined in a bowl of rice and teriyaki sauce served with chilli powder sup.Tambahkan also if you like it spicy. Do not like sushi? You can choose soba and ramen here. The options available are also quite diverse. Satsura majiru or soup with vegetables, mushrooms, chicken pieces, and slices of salmon will cheer the day Anda.Atau try tori ramen, ramen noodles with chicken pieces equipped vegetables and eggs.
Do not miss nabeyaki udon, noodles with vegetables and jamur.Kalau not want the usual, you should select torigami ramen. The content is very complete, no tempura, fish, meat, chicken, and vegetables. Guaranteed you will be satisfied and full. (Sri-noviarni Seputar Indonesia Daily)
source : OpenRice.com
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