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Arouse Curiosity – DeJons Cheese Burger

Make a burger enthusiast there is no harm in trying grilled burgers cheap DeJons this concoction. The dough is thick and meat is grilled, giving rise to the fragrant smell of fuel. Handful of sesame-studded bread plus a generous lumeran cheese, make a burger this one worth a try!
Tevet is increasingly crowded with the distro, restaurants, cafes, up to this restaurant is not going to make a bored visitor to come to this area .. Understandably want to eat anything almost everything is available. Tevet has become practically second Kemang for those who like to eat. Moreover, almost all restaurants and cafes here serving food at a price that could be considered quite mild dikantong.
this time we will try DeJONS Burger is located on Jl. In North Tebet. Number of visitors who come, even not uncommon to stand in line just to enjoy a stack of burgers arouse enough curiosity.
Neon lights labeled DeJons Burger makes this place is not difficult to find. I can not imagine how if you visit here during a Saturday night, just a normal day this place was crowded. And motor car park visitors who were on the roadside even had time to make the streets a little choked up.
The menu is simple and light dishes typical of young people. As the name suggests is the flagship burger menu consists of DeJons Cheese Burger and Beef Burger. In addition there are other menus such as hot dogs, sandwich, toast, French fries and various beverages such as soda, juice, and coffee. Those who want more drinks variation can be booked in conjunction with the Coffee Torry when ordering a burger.
My choice fell on DeJons Cheese Burger and Chicken Brown Sauce for my friend. To drink a glass of ice lychee tea to be a friend to enjoy a burger. Typical of DeJons burger is the meat is grilled. No wonder if the clouds of smoke from the open kitchen concept kitchen is never stop rising from the kiln.
Hamburger or known with this burger is a meal that was first discovered in Hamburg, Germany. Meals consist of a round piece of meat which is then in the bread plus ditangkup sliced tomatoes, lettuce and tomato sauce or mayonnaise was then becoming popular in Indonesia. Ranging from fast food burger restaurant level up to grade five feet.
Although the price offered is not expensive but the look Cheese Burger DeJons my order did not disappoint. Burger meat is served in a stack of bread sprinkled with sesame. Bread soft and quite thick, even more than the burger bun mentap at fast food restaurants. Thick soft texture of bread that is so great couple burger meat is tasty with aroma of fragrant smoke!
While the sandwich consists of two handfuls of fresh bread baked with a stuffing of chopped tomatoes and chicken suiran quite generous. Saucenya own brown sauce less tracked so love it any less special.
For symmetric DeJons Cheese Burger I just pay USD 13000.00 and Rp 12,500 for Brown Sauce Chicken Sandwich. Quite cheap right? so, go ahead … drop it into DeJons! 😉
Source    : sagafood
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