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Aceh Charm Rise not Only in a Cup of Coffee

Banda Aceh, addressed the five years since the tsunami, no longer feels pain. Life has been going on normal as usual the other cities that move the wheels of the economy. Visit there, might not complete if we did not stop in the locations kongkow lively and populist. Typical Acehnese and Malay dishes snacks, coffee shops and hawker center crowd in inevitable. Boisterous.
Our goal is Rex Peunayong first, the location of a typical street in Central Aceh, Banda Aceh’s Snacks. On the night of the week, various visual din became one and the visitors began to condense on the hours the night hanging out. Usually”love to have interesting events are not rare here also attended penggede-penggede Aceh,”said Yoki M Nasution, fellow traveler hawker hunter Aceh. As an area sales manager in Aceh Sosro, Yoki know the true history of this kongkow place. ”In the past, this place terrain where many seller snack together,”he said.
Initially the dusty floor with tables and plastic chairs to decorate the place was crowded. Many sellers comestible large party assembled here. Everything is still versatile wagon. In the course of time, the site was started to be addressed and turned into the arena of hanging out with the concept of open space. As a culinary center that has been neatly packed with a variety of snacks and snacks that challenges traditional Acehnese to be enjoyed. Once we arrived, select only the most solid wrought among the chairs and tables are scattered throughout the pages of this culinary complex. Sit comfortable and watch a variety of menus presented on seputaran location.
Who like comestible Aceh Aceh just a typical assault noodles, satay Matang until shellfish stew. Do not worry about food other areas also exist here, would sate Padang? There. Want to sate Madura? Can. ”It’s just that here was called sate Madura, but Javanese sate,”added Yoki. This model Javanese satay, indeed, because similar to satay madura also use peanut sauce satay seasoning.
This lively complex is a barometer of the revival of the people of Aceh from the terrible disaster which hit most of the western coastal districts and dozens of cities including the capital of the westernmost province of Banda Aceh indonesia. All around the hawker center is also seen places where lodging and hotels that had to be rebuilt or survive after the tsunami of late 2004. We certainly remember it, at the Hotel Medan, perch fishing boat which had brought the tsunami into the middle of the city of Banda Aceh.
Location seputaran hunt for food in Banda Aceh is now leading to Dhapu Kupi. Given the coffee shop, actually it is a typical location choice Malay community. Since the Peninsula Affairs neighbor to the Mainland Sumatra and Kalimantan, where the center of Malay descent prominent civic life, surely the situation the location of snacks with coffee to complement the community meal that’s easy to be found in the streets of major cities. Location Dhapu Coffee in New Batoh or better known as Simpang Surabaya. Dr. official street names. Teuku Mr. Mohammad Hasan. People familiar with this place as a location where the first people of East Java who wander in Aceh gathered and then settled here. As one of the locations an attractive option for young children because here often held fun events like watching football with my various World League Competition. While enjoying the spectacle on the big screen, they usually talk in the company of the main treat of coffee and milk coffee typical Aceh. It may not vary much with a meal of coffee in other places, only the distinctive aroma of Aceh Coffee can we sruput there.
Such food can be ordered Mie Aceh. To be sure, so we came 
 various fried foods served in small plate dishes and added content will invade soy sauce directly on the table. In Dhapu Kupi keep the secret weapon of course coffee. Coffee used here is the result of Ulee Kareeng production, the area which is about 10 km from the city center of Banda Aceh. It feels solid.
Banda Aceh and Hunting Talk Coffee, of course do not easily give up. Already from Dhapu Kupi we crossed into The Next Coffee and Music studios. Its location is situated in Jalan Dr. Mohammad Hasan, too. Indeed in this region there are many specialty coffee shops Aceh. See there’s a big banner Mangat”That”which means delicious once in the Acehnese language. Azman, the shop owner, with a friendly welcome tami. ”This is just the beginning of March and then opened. Sila-ngupi ngupi first yes,”she said in a crowd of visitors who usually enjoy a coffee while preparing for events that young children are often held here.
Apparently, Azman penchant for young people know very well: live music. So, styled like a coffee shop has a small stage that is often dubbed live music performances (live music) on certain days. And no less with the other shop, already available large screen to watch the show arena league football world. ”Now, if there are events such as the Champions League final, we are open 24 hours,”Azman firm.
He recalled, in a day this could stall the arrival of no less than 300 delegates. So, Saturday and Sunday is the culmination of the visit and them that held various live music performances. As a young man who ‘hanging out’ Azman eg, also invited the young audience through social networking site at events live performances of his rock music with the headline,”Night”Bon Jovi. Music, began to heave since 4pm. Break a moment to maghrib and evening until 7:30’s. Then, starting at 8 pm the music back to accompany visitors to midnight.
Well, for those of you who visit in Aceh, do not try to leave Aceh without enjoying the sunset and the beautiful beaches Lampuuk. One of the most beautiful beaches owned Aceh with its white sand that extends along the Banda Aceh – Calang. It lies about 15 km from the city center toward the direction of Calang. This is definitely the choice of the most exotic locations on the West Coast region of Aceh. In the past, before the tsunami occurred, the beach is full of fresh fish vendors who are equipped with places to eat. They would offer to bake and memasakan the fish are to be immediately enjoyed by visitors to the beach. While not busy as always, the site was restored immediately.
Lampuuk beach, somewhat crowded on holidays, from noon until dusk came. Thousands of people approaching the shoreline, there is the strategic location of people who want to surf and was remarkable in the early evening when many people spend time enjoying the sunset. Compared to the beach – another beach in Banda Aceh, Lampuuk Beach is the most complete beach facilities and infrastructure. Public toilets and some simple cafes to rest mostly found along this coast. Even at this beach there is also a life guard with the tower supervisor, like a Baywatch movie.
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